Maintenance Supervisor
Portland ATFN Plant
Portland, Oregon 97203

Job Description


1) Responsible for safe, efficient and uninterrupted operation of the ATFN facility

2) Maintain the best and most economical mechanical operations

3) Plan, control maintenance F-OH (Fixed Overhead) budget to stay within allocated fiscal spending

4) Manage and monitor the waste water program usage and reporting


  • Direct, Supervise and Coordinate
  • Supervise and direct maintenance staff employees by providing safe training and development of maintenance activities which promote regular and ongoing consistent production
  • Monitor and maintain operation projects for calibrating equipment, measurement improvements, recommending and scheduling of work to be performed
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with machinery and equipment. On call 24 hours

  • Facilities Requirements
  • Ensure parts inventory levels are adequate to support regular Preventative Maintenance Schedule and intermittent unscheduled downtime of machinery
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses by keeping records, monitoring prices and sourcing parts for competitive bidding/purchasing

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Plan regular reviews to monitor expense purchases necessary to support and stay within the F-OH (Fixed Overhead) allotment for department monthly and annually
  • Interview prospective vendors for annual renewal contracts, vendor services for facilities
  • Establish preceding annual budget based upon previous years' expenses

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Regularly review and monitor the waste water program to eliminate and avoid any undesirable reporting to the Portland Department of Waste Water Management
  • Stay within established guidelines (i.e. not less than 5.0 and no more than 11.5 S.U.) in any 24-hour day for pH measurements
  • Prepare and report (fax) by days end on the 15th of every month to the Portland Waste Water Management all results for pH monitoring system (self monitoring report, self monitoring pH report, sub-meter reporting form, water bill calculations)
  • Update regularly (annually/semi-annually) the PSM (Process Safety Management) program for plant. Send to city of Portland for filing.
  • Update regularly, the Emergency Response Action Plan for the Ammonia Refrigeration system.
  • Monitor the entire Ammonia and Glycol refrigeration system with technician and generate regular and routine reports
  • Maintain plant facility alarms (fire/ammonia/security) for safe and effective operations
  • Achieve a 0 safety accident/incidence for all areas of responsibility in support of company established objective.


This position has supervisory responsibilities over maintenance Supervisor, mechanics, electricians, ammonia technician and all maintenance staff.


Associates of Science Degree (AS) from a four year college or university; or at least five years minimum related experience and/or training; or at least 8 to 10 years direct maintenance (in absence of degree) mechanical experience background or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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Date Posted : 07/04/2019